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The Amber Swirl - 8” Tube With Silver Fumed Glass and Ice Catcher - Assorted Color



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  • Unique design with bending neck and dark amber color.

  • Glass pendant with cool sharp blue design

  • Handy nudge on the base of the neck for safer, sturdier handling.

  • The female joint on the water pipe size is 14mm.

  • Includes a 14mm male bowl.



This water pipe is bound to give you a warm and smooth smoking experience, like butter and milk slowly swirling together and melting into creamy caramel. The Amber Swirl is an 8” water pipe with a large and sturdy 3” base. The design, color scheme, and unique style on this pipe are just as cool as the smoke you’ll be inhaling from this one. The bending neck, the nudge sticking out from it, and the glass pendant blown into the base are all conveniently placed on this pipe to give you and easy and sturdy experience. This pipe was made with both function and style in mind. You'll be able to confidently hold this piece while smoke moves its way from the swirling base onto the amber neck. It’s a unique looking pipe with an exciting color scheme, so you don’t have to sacrifice creativity for use. The glass on this water pipe is also silver fumed, so as you get to know and smoke this piece it’ll change into different colors right before your eyes. The Amber Swirl gets better with age. This water pipe’s female piece is 19mm and it comes with a matching 19mm silver fumed bowl dry herb male bowl. Color and look will very from picture!!

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  1. is too fresh

    By Jlaffs April 19, 2018

    I f w this website. Its my new go-to for pieces fosho. For the price, this amber swirl is beautiful and well worth it! That's whats up yall too much love. Happy 420~!

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