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Best Buds Rick and Morty Beaker Bottom Bong with 3D Artwork

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  • All of the artwork on the bong is textured to give it a 3D look and feel!

  • Rick and Morty themselves are featured on the red body of the piece.

  • RIck and Morty name logo is also on the bong.

  • Bottom of the bong is covered in trippy flowers.

  • Ice catcher holds a couple ice cubes to cool the smoke.

  • Made of 6mm glass for extra durability.

  • 5” chamber allows for large hits.

  • Comes with a 14mm bowl with downstem.



Rick and Morty! Who doesn’t love the time-traveling universe-hopping adventures of these two? Who doesn’t love smoking a nice bowl before watching a few episodes? That is why we have this awesome Rick and Morty Bong. On the red body of the piece sits Rick and Morty themselves, their famous logo, and a bunch of trippy flowers. All of these are painted in a textured 3D style, so they look and feel like their coming off the bong! Besides a dope look, we wanted to make sure that this bong was a beast when it came to quality. First, there is an ice catcher that’ll hold a couple ice cubes, keeping your smoke cool. That is why it is made of 6mm thick glass, super durable. Plus, at 12.5” with a 5” chamber, you’re getting huge hits and a stable piece when you put it down. It also comes with a 14mm bowl and downstem, for your convenience. Make Rick and Morty proud, smoke something crazy!

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