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The Wild Amazon - 4.5" Arched Spoon Pipe



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  • Gorgeously arched shaped White stripes.

  • Beautiful green and white wig wag pattern will stand out in any collection

  • Design may vary slightly as it is handblown

  • The pipe itself is a work of the highest quality craftmanship

  • Orange accents for wild colors

  • High quality borosilicate glass means you've found yourself a long term smoking companion. 

  • Compact and durable



The beautiful green and white stripes of this glass pipe make it look like one of those colourful creatures in the Amazon rainforest from an episode of National Geographic. The wig wag pattern cannot be missed in a collection, making this pipe a gallery worthy piece. The orange color of the pipe makes this piece even more artistic, making the Wild Amazon a unique piece that will stand out in any collection. For lovers of art or the wild, this is the glass pipe you've been looking for. While the designs of The Wild Amazon may vary as it is hand blown, it takes nothing away from its beauty. Instead, it makes each pipe a unique piece. You'll notice the colors changing slightly over time, and it's by design! The slight color change will beautify this pipe more, creating a truly unique piece for you to enjoy. This pipe is portable and can easily be carried around. Whether you go camping, hiking or snowboarding, this glass pipe will easily accompany you. The Wild Amazon is made of high-quality glass making this glass pipe a piece that will take you through the years. The design the handle allows you to properly hold this glass pipe without slipping from your hands.


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  1. Recommend this for anyone in the need of one

    By Thxnder99 January 29, 2020

    I just got this and I already used it. Happy with the colors it looks just like the one on the website and works well.

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