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Golden Smoke horse - 3.5" Golden Fumed Glass Pipe

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• Golden twisted hook on the side of bowl closely resembles the beautiful golden seahorse. 
• This glass pipe is fumed, so the colors change as you use it!
• This glass pipe is a must-have in any collection!
• Bubbles on the body of the pipe allows you to grip the pipe  firmly. 
• Very portable and easy to transport. 
• High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 



Beauty is in the eye of the pipe holder! And everyone who has been opportuned to hold or see this glass pipe agree that it's a unique, iconic and aesthetically pleasing pipe. The golden fumed color of the glass is eye-catching and it changes as you use this hand pipe. You and your friends will be impressed as you see the Golden Smoke horse change its color in front of you. It's pure magic. And there's also the golden twisted hook on the side of the bowl that looks just like the beautiful golden seahorse. Except this one is a smokehorse as its habitat is smoke not water. The visually interesting smoke horse takes the aesthetics of this glass pipe to a whole new level. This makes the Golden Smokehorse a must-have in your collection. It's an exhibit and your home will turn into a museum as your friends come en masse to see it. This glass pipe lies flatly on any surface without tilting and this makes it easy to pack without losing herbs. The Golden seahorse is portable and easy to transport. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

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