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Amethyst Pipe - Lookah Premium Series Bong 20" Sprinkler Perc With Triple Barrel Connected With Single Dome

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  • Ethereal purple color makes this bong look like it was made from the precious stone Amethyst.

  • Triple barrel amps the aesthetics of this bong.

  • Sprinkler perc for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. 

  • Bands above the triple barrel adds go the aesthetics of this bong. 

  • Icecatcher for extra cool hits.

  • Stable base confers stability. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass covers durability. 

  • Includes a matching 18/19mm male bowl.




Maximize your enjoyment with this eye-catching bong! A look at this water pipe and you'll realize it's in a class of its own. The three barrels are wickedly cool and makes this bong very aesthetically pleasing. Above the triple barrel are stunning horizontal glass bands that beautify this water pipe. Then, you have the eye-catching American purple color that makes this bong look like it was made of the precious purple Amethyst stones. These designs are what make this water pipe a work of art and a piece you should add to your collection. The sprinkler perc filtrates and cools the smoke providing hits that are enjoyable and lung friendly. When filled with water, the sprinkler perc pushes the smoke into the water for efficient and effective diffusion. Under the sprinkler perc is a diffused chamber containing multiple small holes. The holes filter the smoke first before passing into the sprinkler chamber. The triple barrel aren't there for decoration. They efficiently cool your hits and allow you to take bigger hits. Your smoke twirls around in the barrel and travels a longer distance before it reaches the mouthpiece. Just before the mouthpiece are ice notches for a cooler smoking experience. And the ice notches have a stunning design that even make this bong more aesthetically pleasing. Who said ice notches can't look cool? Ice notches provide extra cool hits, acts as the last filtration point and also doubles as a splash guard. The mouthpiece of the Amethyst pipe is flared and this makes it easy to use as it creates a perfect seal with your mouth. The base is flat and allows the Amethyst pipe to sit comfortably on any surface. The Amethyst pipe is made of thick and high-quality borosilicate glass which makes this bong long lasting. You get value for your money and also get a wonderful smoking buddy. This bong also includes a 18/19mm male bowl.

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