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  • Stunning design makes this bong look like an artifact buried deep in the enormous snow of the wild nordic. 

  • Funnel shape of the recycler is aesthetically pleasing and piques the interest of onlookers. 

  • This water pipe will make an excellent addition to any collection. 

  • Quad perc and the 3 funnel-shaped recycler deliver hits of the highest quality. 

  • Ice notches for a cooler smoking experience. 

  • Flat base allows this water pipe to sit on any surface.

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 

  • Includes a matching 14mm male bowl.



Enjoy your hits with a replica of an artifact buried deep in the enormous snow of the wild nordic! This gradient green bong is really cool. The funnel shape of the recycler is a work of art and adds a magical and mythical vibe to this bong. The electric sprinkler perc sits at the middle of the base of this bong, like an exhibition. It's a sight to behold. Put in the beautiful American green color and what you have is an aesthetically pleasing piece capable of being the center stage of any collection. The quad perc is made of four tube percs with each containing several slits. The multiple slits allows more smoke to be diffused resulting in better filtration and cooling of you hits. The 3 funnel-shaped recycler isn't there to just beautify the Nordic Artifact. It provide top-notch filtration and cooling of your hits as well as preserving the flavor of your herbs. Water containing smoke travels from the bottom chamber to the upper chamber through the three arms of the recycler. The smoke is released at the upper chamber before it travels towards the mouthpiece. Since the distance the smoke has to travel from the upper chamber to the mouthpiece is small, the 3 funnel-shaped recycler ensures you get fresh and tasty hits as the smoke doesn't have enough time to go stale. Above the upper chamber are ice notches that holds ice. The recycle and the quad perc cools your smoke but Ice catchers take the cooling effect to the next level. Since the ice catcher is located above the perc and recycler, it also acts as the last filtration stop before the smoke gets into the mouthpiece. The ice notches also act as a splashguard, preventing bong water from reaching your mouth. You certainly do not want a taste of bong water. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability and the flat base allows the Nordic Artifact to sit on any surface. Color may slightly vary than picture due to monitors, camera lense, and color combination. It also includes a 14mm male bowl.

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