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The Missing Alderaan Relic - Lookah Platinum Series Bong - 18" Barrel Spiral Blast Recycle Ice Glass Bong - Black Ice

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  • Looks like a relic from Princess Leia's home planet of Alderaan in the Star Wars universe. 

  • Unique and eye-catching design makes the water pipe a must-have in any collection. 

  • Features a 6-arm recycler and two spiral coils for smoother and cooler hits. 

  • Grooved built in downstem for a cleaner smoking experience. 

  • Ice notches for extracool hits. 

  • Flat base allows this bong to sit comfortably on any surface. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.




Lookah Glass is renowned for its creative, aesthetically pleasing and highly-functional pieces. And they have taken that reputation to a whole new level with this unique piece, featuring a wickedly cool design and superb functionality that makes this water pipe a must-have in any collection. The 6-arm recycler and the spiral coil perc give this water pipe a unique stunning look that makes it look like a relic from the destroyed planet of Princess Leia in Star Wars universe. However, the 6-arm recycler and spiral coil percs aren't there for just the aesthetics. The spiral percs forces the smoke to travel a longer distance and cools your smoke. Two spiral percs means better cooling of your hits. The 6-arm recycler has a unique function. It filters, cools, and preserves each hit for high-quality sessions every time. The water in the bong doesn't just stay in the base or just bubbles through the spiral percs. Instead, it travels from the base into a second chamber near the mouthpiece. As hits are released from the water, it falls back into the base to be 'recycled' for your next hit. Hence, the name recycler. Since the smoke travels with the water until the very last second, it doesn't have enough time to go stale before you inhale it. This means you get fresh hits every time from this bong. It's a very cool process and happens faster than it is described. The 6-arm recycler provides quality filtration and cooling of your hits as well as preserving the flavor of your herbs. The visually interesting ice notches allow you to experience an ice cold smoking experience. A grooved built in downstem also filters your hits and enhance a cleaner smoking experience. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability and the flat base allows this bong to sit comfortably on any surface.

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