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Space Alcoholics - 12.5” Clear Bong with Rick and Bender 3D Artwork



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  • All of the artwork on the bong is textured to give it a 3D look and feel!

  • Rick and Bender themselves are featured on the body of the piece, drinking like always.

  • “Space Alcoholics” banner weaves its way through the bottom of the piece.

  • Dope skulls and a spaceship cover the chamber.

  • Ice catcher holds a couple ice cubes to cool the smoke.

  • Made of 6mm glass for extra durability.

  • 5” chamber allows for large hits.

  • Comes with a 14mm bowl with downstem.



Rick and Bender! Who wouldn’t want to head into outer space with these two? Now you can, with this awesome Rick and Bender bong. On the clear neck of the piece sits Rick and Bender themselves, drinking of course. They, along with the “Space Alcoholics” banner, dope spaceship, and skulls are painted in a textured 3D style, so they look and feel like their coming off the bong! Besides a dope look, we wanted to make sure that this bong was a beast when it came to quality. First, there is an ice catcher that’ll hold a couple ice cubes, keeping your smoke cool. That is why it is made of 6mm thick glass, super durable. Plus, at 12.5” with a 5” chamber, you’re getting huge hits and a stable piece when you put it down. It also comes with a 14mm bowl and downstem, for your convenience. Rick and Bender prefer a drink, but you prefer a smoke. So light up this super unique piece!

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  1. Amazing

    By xav February 21, 2019

    This website and the bong I ordered are both good quality and very trustworthy. The bong came packaged in a ton of bubble wrap and it worked as it should. It came within a reasonable time and the company’s emails were very useful. Will buy from again!

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