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Black Panther - 14" Round Spotted Vase Bong - Black

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  • Ultra thick and very heavy bong. High quality.
  • Gorgeous high gloss finish. Includes glass slider.
  • Unique wire wrapped around neck of water-pipe, makes this a brilliant piece to your collection.
  • Combination colors in metallic finish.  
  • Bong looks very attractive and eye catching.
  • Words cannot describe this 13 inch bong, so please see pictures. 

Introducing The Prestige: Our New Panther Bong

You want the best in life, and that includes your bongs. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our brand new cute bong, The Black Panther! Each one of these fantastic works of art has an green w/ redlines cute color-fade style, which means you get a rich and vibrant over white color scheme that never gets old. It has a big red rose which adds a unique and cute overall design. No matter what kind of day you’re having, or how many draws you take from this incredible bong, it’s sure to brighten up your life and set the mood for amazing adventures ahead!

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