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SmokeDay's Donut Key Chain Silicone Hand Pipe

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  • Donuts are perfection and we share your love for them.

  • Very realistic and you'll need to resist the strong urge to take a bite.

  • Detailed design makes this pipe aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Unique and eye-catching design makes it an excellent addition to any collection. 

  • Easy to pack and use.

  • Includes a keychain to safely keep your keys.

  • High-quality material confers durability.



Start your day with delicious hits from SmokeDay's Donut Pipe with coffee! It's an open secret that the best sidekick for donuts is coffee, so you'll be maximizing your enjoyment when you enjoy hits from this pipe with coffee. Donuts are perfection and we share your love for them. The detailed design of the SmokeDay's donut is astonishing. You'll see sprinkles, icing and glazes on the body of the pipe. And the iconic hole in the centre is there. The glaze comes in different colors, providing you with a range of aesthetically pleasing pipes to choose from. You'll have to resist the strong urge to bite this pipe. Donuts are perfection and this pipe will make an excellent addition to your collection. The SmokeDay's donut comes with a keychain which helps you keep your keys safe and secure. This pipe is easy to pack and use. The glass bowl is on the side and opposite end has the mouth hole. The SmokeDay''s donut is extremely portable and easy to transport. You can easily enjoy delicious donut hits anywhere you go. High-quality material confers durability.

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