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GRAV® Whirlwind 10" Grav Helix Beaker Bottom Bong

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• Watch your smoke twist like a whirlwind!
• Whirlwind/tornado action cools your smoke.
• Hybrid of helix and beaker pipes results in a smoking device of superb functionality. 
• Helix vortex design delivers smooth hits. 
• Features a diffused downstem for a cleaner smoking experience. 
• Includes icecatcher for a cooler smoking experience. 
• Flat base allows this bong to sit comfortably on any surface. 
• High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 



Watch your smoke twist like a whirlwind! You'd think that the DC character 'Weather Wizard' is manipulating the weather with his powers when you see this bong in action. The helix vortex design, which cannot be missed by anyone, makes this water pipe a must-have in any collection. The Whirlwind is a result of the successful marriage of the helix vortex design with the popular beaker bottom base associated with most water pipes. The tornado-style helix body which features bulb-shaped Venturi Chamber contain slits that spin your smoke around whirlwind/tornado style, effectively cooling your hits and treating you to an exhibition at the same time. Watch as the tornado mixes with air to create a smooth and satisfying hit. The beaker shaped base allows this bong to hold more water and this allows for efficient and effective cooling and filtration of your smoke. Your hits will also be as smooth as silk and you can take larger hits to maximize your enjoyment and relaxation. The design of this bong allows a huge amount of cooling and filtration into a small compact unit. 

The Whirlwind also include a removable diffused downstem which is designed to aid airflow during the percolation process. The downstem also filters your hit resulting in a cleaner smoking experience. The Whirlwind is particularly necessary for smokers with sensitive lungs. Whether your lungs are sensitive or not, inhaling harsh hits is not a wonderful experience. If you want frosty cold hits, all you have to do is add ice cubes as the Whirlwind has an ice catcher. Extra cool hits give a very different and enjoyable smoking experience. This waterpipe also preserves your stash and prevents excessive burn down of your herbs. The flavor of your herbs is also preserved. This water pipe is a perfect blend of art, science and functionality. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. The flat base of this water pipe confers stability and allows it to sit comfortably on any surface without toppling over. Shape of the actual bowl will vary!  It also includes a 14mm male bowl.


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