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Fish Aquarium Tattoo Bong - 10" Recycler With Showerhead Perc

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  • Another member of our iconic Lookah tattoo glass collection. 

  • The hand blown fish design is a standout feature and greatly beautifies this bong. 

  • The fish is reminiscent of the famous Disney clown fish, 'Nemo'.

  • Flower design on the side amps the aesthetics of this bong.

  • Bent mouthpiece 

  • Showerhead perc for a cleaner smoking experience. 

  • Recycler arm provided fresh and tasty hits. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 

  • Flat base confers stability. Nector collector item.

  • Color may vary. 



Enjoy your smoking sessions with Nemo, the fish! Yes, the beautiful hand blown fish on this bong has a name. The bright orange color of the fish is reminiscent of the famous clown fish, Nemo. The fish is designed to detail with scales, fun and colors that are very real like. As the fish is made from glass, meaning it is a product of the best of the best craftsmanship. At the side of this bong is a pink flower, covered with glass like an exhibition. And it is indeed an exhibition as it amps the aesthetics of this bong. The soft plum green color is very beautiful and makes this bong look like one adorned with emerald. The recycler arm produces fresh and tasty hits allowing you to maximize your relaxation and enjoyment. This bong also features a showerhead perc for a cleaner smoking experience. The bent mouthpiece allows you to comfortably inhale hits but it also beautifies this bong. The golden logo also adds to the aesthetics of this water pipe. High-quality borosilicate glass makes this bong long lasting, while the flat base confers stability allowing it to sit on any surface without toppling over.

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