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Fiery Octopus - 5" Sherlock Glass Hand pipe

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  • Enjoy fiery delicious hits from this octopus-themed pipe.

  • The six tentacles on the pipe are wickedly cool. 

  • Comes in different color combination allowing you to enjoy a variety of colors.

  • Has small awesome 'legs' for stability.

  • Has a sizeable bowl which holds a good amount of stash.

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.



Get engulfed in the tentacles of enjoyment with this handpipe! The first thing anyone notices about this handpipe is the octopus-like tentacles. They are pretty cool and project from both sides of the pipe. This hand pipe comes in different color combinations. Each color combination is unique and beautiful and quickly captures the interest of onlookers. The Fiery Octopus is an aesthetically pleasing hand pipe that deserves to be in your collection. Below the bowl are small projections that acts as support for this pipe allowing it to sit on a surface without rolling away. We suspect the small projections are little tentacles that will grow in the future. Just a feeling. The bowl is fairly large and holds a sizeable amount of stash. The hole on the side of the bowl allows you to control airflow into the pipe. This control of air allows you to decide how strong your hits are while letting you moderate the speed at which you inhale smoke. The handle of this pipe allows you to grip it firmly without slipping. High-quality borosilicate glass makes this handpipe long lasting. Color may vary, please see pictures.

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