The Pink Cobra -6" Swirled Pink Bubbler Pipe - Girly Bubbler



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  • 7-inch bubbler blown with pink and deep black glass.

  • Swirled and curving design give it a rare look and style.

  • Mini bubbler for a convenient water-filtered smoking experience.

  • Pink Cobra style neck attrack to grab and go smoke.



The venomous piece has a swirling design that’ll hypnotize even the most experienced smokers. This bubbler has a standout style, with pink glass, a deep black bowl, and mesmerizing light swirls. It has a really unique design, with a protruding mouthpiece and curving neck just like a cobra slithering out of its straw basket. Don’t be scared though, you can get close to this piece and make it your go-to bubbler for a high-tasting but convenient smoke. This bubbler is a smooth combination of looks and function, making it easy and efficient to enjoy a water-filtered smoke session at anytime. Size may very. 


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  1. Issa No

    By Kaylie January 13, 2018

    It looks pretty and not too expensive, however the hole is wayyy too big and your herbs will continuously fall into the bottom. Very annoying.

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