8" Quadruple Chamber Golden Fumed Side By Side Bubbler

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  • Combines the functionality of a water pipe and glass pipe to produce a versatile product. 

  • Features four water chambers for extra cooled and filtered hits!

  • Different hues and dotted design makes this bubbler aesthetically pleasing.

  • This bubbler will make an excellent addition to any collection. 

  • Made of fumed glass which changes color as you use it. 

  • Highest level craftsmanship required to manufacture this bubbler. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.



Enjoy hits as smooth as silk from this bubbler! Four chamber bubblers means 4 times the filtration! We both know bubblers filter your hits. But this product has taken the filtration and cooling process to a whole new level. Featuring four water chambers with extended diffused downstems, this bubbler produces hits of the highest quality. There are different color hues on this bubbler and the result is an increase in its aesthetics. There is a cool dotted artwork design throughout the body of this bubbler. The slanted positions of the bubblers have an obvious aesthetic effect. It requires great technical skill to mould glass into the shape of this bubbler. Also, this bubbler is completely hand blown! Just imagine what it requires to produce this bubbler by hand. Without doubt, the very best craftsmanship was put into making this piece. The glass is fumed meaning it changes color as you use it. It's a very cool effect. We'll let you name the curious looking creature on the bowl of this Bubbler. Make your smoking seshs more lively with this aesthetically pleasing bubbler. But we suspect it's from the Enchanted Forest in the movie Maleficent. The large bulging eyes are designed to detail. Then you have eyebrows and a pointy nose. It's simply mind-boggling. With this gorgeous creature, you now have a loyal smoking bud that will stay with you in brightest days and darkest nights. Then you have the three pointy horns with their distinct blue and green colors. The rest of the bubbler is covered with eye-catching colors and patterns. The manufacturer of this bubbler put in a lot of skill and effort to produce this bubbler. And a beautiful piece like this one deserves to be in your collection. This bubbler uses water to filter your hits and produce clean and smooth hits. It has a large bowl which makes the filtration process more efficient. Color and style may slightly vary. High quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

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