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8" Clear Percolator With Down Stem Diffuser And Bowl- Nude



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Single dome shaped percolator bong with 3 holes. 19mm Joint size. Round bottom percolator bong. Ice Catcher notches.



Single dome shaped percolator with 3 holes. 19mm Joint size. Round bottom percolator bong. Ice Catcher notches. This bong will cool off your smoke for smooth hits. A percolator acts to force smoke through long chambers which further filters the smoke and smoothens it. This 8 inch percolator has a single dome shaped diffuser. This percolator comes in a gorgeous clear/nude. Pipe comes complete with ice catcher for a further superior smoke! 19mm diffuser down stem and a 14mm male dry herb bowl intcluded.

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7 customer reviews

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  1. Glass

    By Thin glass July 25, 2018

    It it’s a nice piece the. It rips well.

  2. Smooth, compact, and great price

    By chidino July 08, 2018

    This is a well-made basic percolator bong that really does a nice job. It's very (almost surprisingly) smooth, and that's usually a problem for me -- I still sound/cough like a rookie. I received it almost overnight (OK, two days, but I didn't know Priority Mail delivered on Sunday, so seemed fast) and the glass could not have been better packaged -- you might have been able to shoot it out of a canon. And it was a great price, as any shopping around the 'net proved. I couldn't be happier. And the free stuff -- everybody can use an extra bat.

  3. Wow

    By KY Smoker May 18, 2018

    First water pipe, best water pipe. It’s a great piece and all of my friends love smoking out of it!! Great deal too 10/10

  4. fuckin' smacks

    By Christian November 13, 2017

    bong gets u mad lit off of a hit, ice catcher is great, percolation is great,

  5. Don't underestimate

    By Payton August 12, 2017

    This bong SMACKS!! It looks cute and innocent, but it is one of the best bongs I've ever ripped from. I guarantee you will not regret the buy! The best part of the bong in addition to the perc is the ice catch. The only bad thing is the thickness of the bong but other than that its a killer bong. Definitely worth its price!

  6. amazing

    By chris July 21, 2017

    good size and feels nice and durable. definitely recommend.

  7. Great product, awesome customer service

    By Jimmy August 07, 2016

    Had a shipping problem with the product initially, but it was resolved quickly and easily. Quality product as well. Would highly recommend

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