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Aquaman's Pipe - 8.5" Rotating DNA Perc

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• A royal pipe - The bright orange and green color of this bong matches aquaman's costume, making it a dab rig for the Atlantean king!
• The DNA perc rotates during use, and it's supercool!
• Also features a turbine perc for efficient and effective cooling of hits. 
• Rotating DNA perc and beautiful colors makes this dab rig a must-have in any collection.
• Diffused downstem for a cleaner and an  improved smoking experience. 
• Flat base confers stability.
• High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 
• Includes a 14mm male bowl. 



Enjoy delicious hits with Aquaman's royal water pipe! Even kings have to chill and relax once in a while. The bright orange and green color of this dab rig matches Aquaman's costume and is definitely made by the best craftsmanship Atlantis has to offer. Bring out the royalty in you with Aquaman's pipe. The DNA perc is captivating and aesthetically pleasing. It is located at the centre of this piece and it rotates during use giving a head-turning visual effect that will mesmerize you and all your friends. Take this dab ring to your friends' house or party and impress them with the aesthetics and functionality of Aquaman's Pipe. The beautiful colors and the stunning DNA piece will take your collection to another level. In fact, this dab rig has the potential to be the center stage of any collection. 

Below the DNA perc is a rotating turbine perc which looks great as it functions. Turbine percs whip water into a whirlpool like effect and create a stunning cyclone effect through a few angled slits along the perimeter of the percolator. The turbine perc also preserves the flavor of your concentrates. Above the turbine perc is the eye-catching rotating DNA perc. The rotating DNA perc collects smoke and vapors from the turbine perc and spins the smoke along the rotating DNA helix. This creates a longer distance for the smoke to travel, effectively cooling your smoke and creating an impressive visual effect. The Aquaman's Pipe also comes with a diffused downstem that cools and filters your smoke resulting in a cleaner smoking experience. This water pipe has a flat base which confers stability and allows it to stand on any surface without toppling over. High-quality borosilicate glass confers stability and ensures you'll be using this bong for a very long time. 


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