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3" Girly Girl Pink Chillum One Hitter Cigarette Bat Pink



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Gorgeous pink chillum is perfectly handcrafted.



Gorgeous pink chillum is perfectly handcrafted. Pink tinted glass is not an easy to accomplish task, as it is difficult to keep the pink uniform and clear. This pink chillum is further matched by adding the white swirl stripes to it. All of our glass items are individually hand-blown and beautifully handcrafted. Item may vary slightly from photos, making yours a one of a kind item!

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  1. Jack of all trades

    By Daniel May 08, 2018

    Probably the most surprising chillum in its category. Bigger bowl than usual for a group but it just takes one hit to get high, beautiful craftsmanship, and the most bang for your buck. It's got everything you would like in a small portable size, and can be used as a daily driver. Definite scooby snacks like every straight glass pipe but it's an easy fix with metal screens. The best moment is seeing a cloud of goodness develop in the chamber when you spark the cherry for the first time.

  2. Amazing

    By Charlie July 28, 2017

    Very pretty, holds enough to share with a friend. Great value

  3. pink glass chillum

    By heather July 15, 2017

    I just opened my knew chillum an i love it the bowl it alot biger then i exspected but is that really a problem i think not....i will be ordering more yall have an awesome site an nice work

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