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11" Jeweled Double Honeycomb - Blue



In stock

  • Jeweled Dry Herb Bowl

  • Double Honeycomb Bong

  • Built in Ice Catcher

  • Long Neck

  • Thick Blue lip 



This is high quality borosilicate glass water pipe will be in your collection for years to come. Its blue accent lip, base and honeycombs makes it stand out and look super sick. It features a double honeycomb perc which besides cooling smoke off, looks wicked sick when you smoke through them, as they create a storm of tiny bubbles. Since this has two that means twice as many bubbles! To top it all off it even has an ice catcher which catchers the ice to cool it down either farther for a wonderful smoking experience. Pipe comes with a blue jeweled dry herb bowl, 3.5" base diameter, 1.5" diameter water chamber. Water pipe's 14 mm female joint comes with 14 mm matching male dry herb bowl.

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  1. Best glass hands down

    By ayyyraine March 05, 2020

    Relatively basic looking bong but the glass is such high quality. I’ve had this bong for years and recently had to throw my bong 4 stories down to the ground (long story) and there was not one scratch on it. Very impressed

  2. Awesome

    By Smooth November 24, 2017

    I love this, it hits smooth, the bowl already has a built in filter, definitely would recommend buying...I wish I can find another bowl piece like the one it came with though, seeing as I dropped mine :(

  3. Functional high quality bong

    By my name would be mary and tuhdaaaaaay! ... October 28, 2017

    My girlfriend and I wanted an upgrade to our last bong and we are so pleased with this one! We wanted to try a new perc and wanted a more durable bong. It arrived in 3 days, packaged very well (triple bubble wrapped and a fragile sticker on the box). Smokeday sends you an email when your item(s) ships and provides tracking info.

    When I took the bong out of the box I just stared at it because it is SO NICE. So pretty and thick. I chose this bong because it has a double honeycomb perc and it’s made of borosilicate glass. The hits are super smooth and the glass is high quality. I really appreciate how Smokeday describes the actual glass- thickness and whether it’s borosilicate or not. We will definitely buy from this shop again!

  4. Brilliant bong

    By Wacky tobaccy September 14, 2017

    My dog is dumb and doesn't know how to operate hammocks. She knocked my bong over twice trying to leave and enter the hammock. No breaks, no scrapes at all! Plus the double honeycomb is great and the jewels make it easy to grip when the bowl is off 10/10 my favorite bong!

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