Dragon Mouth - 10" Sherlock Rhaegal Inspired Bubbler

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  • Reminiscent of the Targaryen dragon 'Rhaegal' in the hit series Game of Thrones. 

  • Open mouth revealing large, sharp fang-like teeth. 

  • Color combination is visually interesting. 

  • A unique and iconic product that must be added to your collection. 

  • Pattern on the pipe resembles dragon scales. 

  • Sharp spikes on the bowl amps the aesthetics of this bubbler.

  • Large bowl (3 inch water reservoir) allows for efficient filtration of your hits. 

  • Hybrid of a hand pipe and water pipe to produce a versatile product with superb functionality.

  • High-quality materials confer durability.



Dracarys! That's the Targaryens' command for their dragons to unleash fire. And you can also command your dragon bubbler to unleash delicious hits! A look at this bubbler and you see a towering and ferocious dragon with mouth wide open ready to breathe fire. The large, sharp fang-like teeth are wickedly cool. Then you have the awesome color combination with patterns that closely resemble the spiky scales you'd expect to see on a dragon. It's simply mind-blowing. Then you have four large spikes on the lower part of the bowl, with the bottom spikes acting as support for the bubbler. This bubbler is a product of unreal creativity. Then top-notch craftsmanship made the imagination and creativity a reality. Put this bubbler in your collection and your home will turn into a museum as friends and family will visit over and over just to look at this iconic piece. The functionality of this bubbler is superb as it allows you to enjoy the top-notch filtration of a water pipe on a portable device. It's portable and easy to transport. Color and Style may slightly vary. High quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

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