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The Wormhole - 6” Golden Seaweed Frit Work Steamroller Glass Hand Pipe

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  • Immaculate, trippy workmanship and design.

  • 6” long glass steamroller bowl from the mouthpiece to the end of the pipe.

  • Features a GoldenTeal color scheme that is unique and sample of hard workmanship throughout the pipe.

  • Hard to find this kind of a hand blown Steam roller that adds yet another cool and unique element to the pipe.



6” long glass steam roller bowl from the mouthpiece to the end of the pipe.Features a Golden frit color scheme that is unique and changes styles throughout the pipe.This glass pipe is a for sure standout. The glass blowers on this one did an amazing job creating a pipe that is oozing with creativity and a unique style. The design they chose for this glass pipe is like a trippy galactic monster, like a wormhole that once you go through will spit you out into a different time and place in the universe. This pipe has a beautiful set of Golden and Teal seaweed color work throught the Pipe that look out from the end of the bowl. As if that wasn’t enough, the glass blowers added a creative color scheme and design that’s filled with Teal bubbles in different clusters. This pipe looks trippy and clean, mixing sharp Teal colors with clear glass. It’s a beautiful pipe worth adding to any glass collection. This glass item is individually hand-blown and beautifully handcrafted. Colors and Size may slightly vary from the photos, making yours a one of a kind item.


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