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5" Mini Water Pipe - Golden Fumed



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Gorgeous Golden Fumed mini water pipe has a unique bubble design.



Gorgeous Golden Fumed mini water pipe. Comes with a matching Fumed bowl. Can hold good amount of water for a cooler smoking experience.

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  1. Nice for traveling

    By Emilie Way June 02, 2018

    I am a medical patient so i occasionally bring my pieces with me on trips, this piece is good for that. Its small but leaning towards being more fragile than sturdy. With that in consideration my piece has lasted me over a year, taking it places and using it. I feel like if it dropped it would break, but thats why i store it in little gift boxes! My only complaint is the carb itself and the location, typically with downstems there is no need for a carb hole, this makes it a little awkward.

  2. Great for the price

    By Mikey V. August 02, 2016

    This thing is actually pretty decent for the price.

    It is a bit hard to draw and the pictures don't really show it but there is a carb right above the top of the bowled part where it attaches to the opposite side of the dry herb bowl.

    The carb itself could be a bit bigger in diameter for a better draw but all in all this is a solid piece.

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