Free Stuff When You Purchase any Pipe or Scale!

We want to reward our customers for their dedication and loyalty to our Online Head Shop. As the reward, we are giving away some freebies! Read below to find out more.

Free Pack of Screens

Get a free pack of 5 screens with any purchase $5 or more. Just about any item you buy is over $5, so everyone gets a freebie! We know many people go out and buy tobacco pipes, only to realize after their purchase they don't have any screens! To avoid trouble of going back to the store, you try to smoke your favorite blend of tobacco without the screen. The problem is, now you have flakes that keep entering your mouth causing you to spit everywhere. This greatly disturbs your relaxing smoking experience. And thus,  we will automatically include it with the purchase of any pipe. No need to add to your cart or worry of getting it. Item is auto-added to your cart. Feel free to add more to the cart, if needed. These are wallet sized pipe screens. Note: These claim to be one size fits all. On that note, we do not guarantee it will be a perfect fit.