Dab Rigs

Oil rigs or dab rigs are devices comparable to bongs which are used for smoking waxes and oils. Smoke Day carries a variety of oil rigs both for occasional use and frequent use. Dabbing is not as popular as the use of water pipes but it has become more common in recent times. This is mainly because more high-quality oils, legal herb waxes, and concentrates are being produced.

We offer dab rigs in various exciting colors and imaginative designs. We have one shaped like an oil barrel and some shaped like soda and soft drink bottles. Some cost less than $50 so you don’t have to fear that you will break the bank.

At Smoke Day, our dab rigs are made from high-quality glass which will last a long time and give you an excellent flavor. Heat the included dab nail using a torch, add wax and enjoy both the flavor of the concentrate and how long your supply will last. The vapor travels through the pipe with less filtration than you get with a water pipe. This means you get a stronger flavor. If the rig you choose has a dome, then this helps to contain the smoke before you take your hit. On a practical note, it also protects you from burning yourself.

Many of our dab rigs come with a dry herb bowl which you can attach if you want to convert your rig into a water pipe. This is great for those who usually like the strong flavor produced by dabbing but occasionally want the filtration effects which come with bongs. If you’re buying the bowl separately, make sure you have an attachment with the correct size and gender.

When choosing your oil rig, think about where you plan to use it. Do you want something elaborate and powerful for use at home or do you want something small and inconspicuous which you can travel with easily? Will you want to use it as a water pipe sometimes?

Whichever category you fall into, we have an oil rig for you. We have various shapes and colors too, so you’ll find one which matches your style and personality.