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Busy Bee's Dripping Honey Comb - 10" Shower head Honeycomb Colorful Bong - Tattoo Glass Work

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  • A unique bong depicting honey bees in their beautiful ecosystem. 

  • Manufactured by the reputable Lookah Glass and belongs to their subsidiary called 'Tatoo Glass'. 

  • Captivating designs (honey bees, their secretions, beehives) makes this bong aesthetically pleasing. 

  • This bong will make an excellent addition to any collection. 

  • Attention to detail paid during the manufacture of this bong making designs realistic. 

  • Showerhead perc for a cleaner smoking experience. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 

  • Flat base confers stability. 

  • 14mm female joint with 14mm male banger.

  • Nector collector item.

  • Color may vary. 



Let your bong be the subject of attention during a smoking sesh! For some time, Lookah glass has been producing Tattoo glass which includes bongs with the most unique designs and excellent functionality. The Bee's World totally embodies that. A look at this bong and you see the whole bee ecosystem artistically laid before your eyes. Honey bees designs are put around this bong as well as their honey, propolis and glue. The secretions are designed in a dripping manner which has a very cool effect. The design of this bong is complex and beautiful, indicating the highest quality craftsmanship Lookah put in its production. The midsection of the Bee's World has a net-like design which is essentially a beehive. You gotta agree that the honeybees need a place to crash, right? The midsection also has two small projections where the bees can attach more honey to in the future. The upper part of this bong contains dripping honey as well as projections to hold more honey. This bong is simply art at its finest! High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. Has a 14mm female joint with 14mm male banger.

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