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Lava Lamp Inspired Bong - 10" Inline Perc Silicone And Glass Hybrid Bong

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  • Lava lamps are stylish and it's only logical we make bongs that look like them. 

  • Inline percolator for a cleaner smoking experience.

  • Combines the best attributes of glass and silicone to produce a product with superb functionality.

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Extremely portable and discreet!

  • Splashguard at the top to prevent bong water from reaching your mouth. 

  • Easy to disassemble and clean.

  • High quality silicone and glass confers durability.



Light up your world with delicious hits from this Lava Lamp Inspired Pipe! Let's face it, lava lamps have a cool and chill vibe. And that same vibe is present in this bong. Stylish and portable, this bong can easily be transported. And the miniature design means it can also be very discreet. An inline percolator diffuses and filters your smoke, ensuring you get clean and ultra smooth hits. There's a splashguard at the top of the water chamber and its function is to prevent the bad-tasting bong water from reaching your mouth. The silicone portion of this bong comes in different swirling colors, all of which are aesthetically pleasing. Cleaning this bong is a breeze as it can be easily disassembled. The glass and silicone combination makes this piece more durable, versatile and flexible. 

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