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SmokeDay.com is a retailer, specializing as an online head shop. We sell a variety of tobacco glass pipes, water-pipes, glass bubblers, glass spoons, vaporizers, scales, electronic cigarettes,  detox drinks, and soon to come: culture wear and gifts.

Company History 

We were once casual smokers and would purchase regularly at our local head shops.  We finally got fed up with being scammed through the local smoke shops and just plain tired of the limited inventory.  We went online to get some good deals on glass pipes and were only disappointed. The problem was that while these online head shops seemed to offer good deals on pipes, none of them were in the USA. After shipping, the costs of the glass bowls were higher than our local smoke shops. To top it off, we would have to wait 15-30 days to receive shipping.

Thus, in 2013 we created SmokeDay.com. To offer Quality products at the cheapest prices we could afford, all while making sure to deliver it in a speedy time frame.


Located in the heart of Illinois at

444 E roosevelt rd ste 117
Lombard, Il. 60148



To all of you, from all of us at SmokeDay.com - Thank you and Happy Smoking!

-SmokeDay.com Staff

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