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3" Fumed Cork Screw Spoon Pipe - Drastic Low Price

3" Fumed Cork Screw Spoon Pipe - Drastic Low Price



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Fumed color changer. Cork Screw design. 3 inches in length.



Cork screw designed hand pipe is lightly fumed to be a color changer the more you use it. At 3 inches in length this pipe is a steal at $8.99. Colors may vary slightly, as each item is hand made.

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  1. Gorgeous but breaks SUPER easily

    By J August 03, 2016

    I loved this pipe so much for the 6 months that I had it, it has gorgeous colors and is super cute but is also incredibly thin. This rolled off of my lap and onto my carpet and shattered. Idek why or how but it broke that easily /: was still a gorgeous piece tho

  2. Good service too

    By Chucks September 14, 2014

    When it can in the mail it was cracked. I get it. Shipping. So I emailed them and they got back to me within one day and sent me a new one! That one came in great shape. Works great too! I've ordered from them before and they never seem to let me down! Thank you smokeday!

  3. Pretty good deal!

    By T June 29, 2014

    Second time ordering this one. I broke my first one. They do change color after using. Over all a good deal and fast shipping. Was here Saturday and was showing it would arrive Monday

  4. You Get What You Paid For

    By BabyGirl March 22, 2014

    I got a clear one doesn't look anything like in the picture. Also the glass is VERY VERY thin I'm afraid I'm gonna break it because of how thin it is. You get what you paid for. Hits Good But Very Cheaply Made.

  5. Lovely.

    By Kaitlin February 27, 2014

    Great price for the quality. Shipped pretty quickly. The colors are beautiful and it works well. Smokeday is my favorite headshop no doubt. The freebies are always appreciated as well.

  6. Great color

    By joseph February 25, 2014

    This piece was better than I expected. It's a great blue color, cant wait to see what color it turns!

  7. Great!

    By JohnnySmokesAlot January 21, 2014

    Totally great deal! Got a free grinder and a one hitter with it. Shipped in 3 days. Can't complain about anything

  8. great piece

    By nat December 05, 2013

    Super cute, I was hitting this everyday till my bf stolen it away. Thinner glass but still amazing. Especially for the price! It got the job done and it looked dope with the swirls. Great for the price. Easy to clean with salt and nail polish remover only took two seconds.

  9. Smooth Hit

    By Amber October 25, 2013

    Third purchase from Smokeday, came in green instead of the blue pictured but totally fine with me! Smooth hitting pipe.

  10. Pretty good deal!!

    By T September 13, 2013

    Little smaller than I thought. Didnt have the colors like in the pic. Could be the one they used was smoked out of a bit? Shipping is a little high. Overall good deal.

  11. Awesome!

    By TheLastAids July 27, 2013

    Tornado Corkscrew spoons are the best and this one is Awesome!

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