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The Smokescope - Lookah Platinum Series - 12" Platinum Spiral Tube Double Wheel Perc Coil Recycler - Mint Cream

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  • Enjoy delicious hits with the bong version of the microscope!

  • Features a 2-wheel recycler and a spiral perc, both of which deliver you hits of the highest quality. 

  • Beautiful green color and eye-catching design will make this bong stand out in your collection. 

  • Beaker bottom allows the Smokescope to hold more water which results in more cooling and filtration of your hits. 

  • Domed tilted mouth end amps the aesthetics of this bong. 

  • Flat base for stability.

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

  • Includes a 14mm male bowl.



Enjoy delicious hits with the bong version of the microscope! The Smokescope pairs an innovative scientific design with a stunning appearance and a superior filtration design that will provide the very best hits for your enjoyment and relaxation. You don't have to be a science geek to see that this bong is a unique piece that will make an excellent addition to your collection. The combined functionality of the 2-wheel recycler and a spiral perc provide hits of the highest quality. The recycler wheel design, with its artistic style, is completely unique and amps the aesthetics of this bong. The recycler's function is to provide you with fresh, cool and smooth hits for your relaxation. It does this by moving your smoke with bong water from the lower chamber into the upper chamber near the mouthpiece. The smoke is released from the water at the upper chamber. However, the smoke travels with the water until the very end and has no time to lose its flavor or become stale before you inhale. And this provides you with fresh and tasty hits for your relaxation and enjoyment. The spiral perc is located at the middle of the Smokescope and it greatly adds a sophisticated touch to this water pipe. The spiral perc's tube is coiled and provides a longer distance for smoke to travel. The result of this is efficient cooling and filtration of your hits. The combined result of the double wheel recycler and spiral perc provide high-quality hits that will redefine your smoking experience. The Smokescope also features a domed titled mouth end and this makes this bong more visually interesting. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability and the flat base allows it to sit comfortably on any surface. The beast comes with a 14mm male bowl.

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