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The Ressikan Inspired Pipe - 6" Glass Blunt Steamroller Upline Hand pipe

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  • Looks like a relic from the dead Starwars planet Kataan.

  • Reminiscent of Captain Jean-Luc Picard Ressikan flute.

  • Upline filtration makes hits more enjoyable by cleansing them.

  • Pinched mouthpiece design for a better smoking experience.

  • Little projections at the bottom serve as legs for added stability during usage.

  • Dense borosilicate glass makes this pipe a long-lasting one.

  • Logo color may vary.



Dubbed The Ressikan pipe, this handpipe invokes memories of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Ressikan flute from the dead planet of Kataan in the Startrek universe. While you can't make music with this Ressikan pipe, you can bombard yourself with the highest quality hits and have a nice time. Just like how the famous flute kept the Captain company for years, this pipe will stand with you in brightest days and darkest nights. The Ressikan pipe makes use of the famous Grav labs Upline filtration to filter hits. The stacked ladder percs, which are essentially elegant series of stacked bubbler chambers, force smoke up the pipe, thoroughly removing ash and resin from every hit. Clean smoke means you can take bigger hits and find out how many hits you can really handle. The stacked ladder perc also cools down hits. This pipe is a solid sturdy piece that will help you find your higher self. The steam roller has a sizable bowl size that will allow a generous amount of your herbs.

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