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The Professor - 12” Inline Slotted Perc to Sprinkler Perc Recycler Girly Bong - Purple

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  • Inline Slotted Percolation

  •  Sprinkler perc.

  • Recycler

  • Oil Dome and nail

  • Dry female bowl

  • Tornado recycler



This unique pipe has so many features to make your smoking experience one of a kind. This exquisitely hand crafted, heavy duty, thick pipe has a sophisticated flair that can only be found in Lookah pipes. The inline slotted percolator is essentially a tube with many tiny slits to diffuse the smoke. This type of super diffusion forces the smoke to be super cooled and smooth when you smoke it! After that, this pipe also has a sprinkler perc which goes even further to offer a cool smoke due to the sprinkler perc having several open vessels it forces the smoke to separate and therefore cool down even faster. This beautifully handcrafted water recycler is the newest generation of glass water pipes. You will literally see the water recycle back to the original water chamber and you will defiantly enjoy watching the water spin in the sophisticatedly designed tornado. Besides looking super cool, this also acts as a splash guard as the water is forced to go down and back into the main water chamber. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass this pipe has an oil dome, and stands at 12 inches and weighs slightly under 2 pounds. 4.5" base diameter. 3" water chamber diameter. Water pipe's 19mm male joint comes with 19mm female dome and nail.

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