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The Lost Atlantic Treasure - 12" Copper Plated Bong with Ice catcher

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  • Bands of copper and blue color makes this bong look like the long lost Atlantic treasure.

  • Glass and copper electroplating

  • 9mm thick and high-quality borosilicate glass make this bong very durable.

  • The joint size of this water pipe is 19mm.

  • This female bong includes a 19mm matching male dry herb bowl.



With beautiful bands of copper and blue glass, this bong look likes the lost treasure of Atlantic or a freaking pirate bong. And this water pipe is indeed a treasure as you will come to love and cherish it. The design, which is aesthetically pleasing, is a work of art and a scientific feat. It is a beaker bong because it is shaped, as you would expect, like a beaker. Which is fitting for a scientist like you because every bong hit is a science experiment. On your body. The beaker shape means the Lost Treasure of Atlantic can hold more water, which means your hits are filtered and cooled better. The wide base confers extra stability to this bong and it is highly unlikely you knock it over. This water pipe has an ice catcher. Ice catchers take the smoking experience to a whole new level. They act as the final filtration stop, cleaning your hits of any lingering ash or debris. Ice catchers also function as splashguard, preventing distasteful bong water from reaching your mouth.

The copper plating really makes this bong beautiful and attractive to put on a table. But the copper does a lot more than just beautifying this bong. Plating The lost Atlantic Treasure with copper results in a high thickness build which increases the corrosion resistance. Simply put, this bong is resistant to rusting and damage. You don't have to worry about the copper rusting and disfiguring the bong. The copper adheres tightly to the glass and won't separate from it. The Atlantic Treasure is 9mm thick! This makes this water pipe thicker than most bongs which rarely cross the 4mm mark. This extra thickness makes this bong extremely durable and less likely to break. The mouth of the bong is also thick, creating a perfect seal with your mouth and making smoke inhalation extremely easy. This amazing water pipe caters for all your needs. It has a joint size of 19mm as well as a 19mm matching male dry bowl.

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