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The Kriby - Cheech™ Glass - 16" Glycerin Straight Bong - UV Pink

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  • Height: 16"
  • Base Diameter: 4.75"
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • 14mm Cheech™ Glycerin* Bowl Included
  • 18mm Diffused Slotted Downstem Included
  • UV Reactive* Activates the Pink into Pinkish Orange in the Dark.
  • A Glycerin* Bong is a Freezable Liquid That Won't Turn Into a Solid.
  • Made of Premium Borosilicate Materials

Silky-smooth, perfectly chilled, and always satisfying. These are the hits you will get from The Kriby: it's our big-sized bong filled with pinkish glycerin that can make even the biggest rips cool and gentle! Simply keep the bong and bowl piece in your fridge or freezer until cold, and it's ready to be filled with water for a great sesh. It's large chamber houses a showerhead perc that works to remove impurities from smoke. The glycerin-filled bowl piece not only looks awesome, but is an extra pre-cooling step before smoke enters the chamber. Crafted from 4mm glass, this piece is reliable and sturdy, and the narrow mouthpiece aids in a gentler hit by not releasing too much smoke at once.

*Note: Glycerin & UV Reactive color may slight vary from the pictures!!

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