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The Invader - 12" Ash Black Bong with Deep Well Injection Perc to Dual Ripper Tubes

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  • Deep Well Injection Perc provides the absolute best in filtration and cooling technology!

  • Fully clear except for the bow, so you can watch the smoke move through this beast of a pipe.

  • Dual Ripper Tubes protrude from the body of the piece, creating an extraterrestrial appearance.  

  • A disc sits at the base of the neck, watch it fills before the smoke shoots up into your mouth.

  • Thick mouthpiece provides a comfortable smoking experience.

  • Dope downstem comes out from the side of the piece.

  • 2” chamber and the pipes long neck ensures large hits every time.

  • Comes with a 14mm bowl that has a handle.



This is not an ordinary bong. If you’re looking for ordinary, look somewhere else. This is a bong for the truly experienced, for those looking to take their smoking game out of this world. The Invader lives up to its name. It starts with the deep well injection percolator, which is by far the best way to filter and cool large amounts of smoke. The bubbling created by the perc is not only super effective, it’s fun to watch, which is the entire body of the bong is clear. The design is uber-unique, layers of connected tubes extend from the body of the piece. When the smokes reaches these tubes and starts to move through them, it is about as cool as a smoking experience gets.


After the smoke makes its way through all of the tubes, it reaches the disc that sits at the base of the neck. Once the disc fills, the smoke shoots up the slim neck of the pipe and into your lungs. Your lips will rest against the perfect sized mouthpiece, that was made thicker than usual to provide extra comfort. Plus, the green bowl extends from the side of the piece so lighting the herb is easy. At 12.5” with a long 2” chamber, this Invader creates hits large enough to send you into Outer Space. And it comes with a 14mm bowl that has a handle. It’s simple, The Invader is one of the best bong you can get, so get it!


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