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The Glass Desert Relic - 14" Inline Showerhead Perc to Double Honeycomb to Domed Stereo Matrix Perc

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  • Glass material makes this bong look like a relic from the glass desert in Slime Rancher.

  • Multiple percs to cool down and filter hits.

  • Ice catcher for extra-cool hits.

  • Wide base allows this bong to stand firm without being toppled over. 

  • Thick mouthpiece for easy use

  • Very thick borosilicate glass confers durability.

  • This 19mm female bong includes 19mm male bowl.



This bong resembles a relic from many of the glass structures in the glass desert from the famous Slime Rancher game. And it will only be a matter of time before you realize how valuable this bong is. This water pipe has something that sets it apart from most bongs. And that's multiple percs! Starting from the bottom, you have the inline showerhead perc, one of the most efficient percs in the market. This perc creates tiny storm of bubbles, cools and filters the smoke. Up next is the double honeycomb perc. Honeycomb percs are made of tiny holes on a special disc. The holes create lots of small bubbles of smoke that move through different layers and water. And then comes the widely loved matrix perc with it's intriguing design. The matrix perc provides the final filtration and cooling of smoke. Just imagine how smooth your hits will be after moving through several percs. Surely, it'll give a sensation that is absolutely out of this world. The Glass Desert Relic also has an ice catcher for smokers that love their hits extra cool. And we must mention that this bong is thick! And the extra thickness confers extreme durability,

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