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The Gjallarhorn Rig - 6" Dab Rig Circuit - Smoke Twister

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  • Watch water and vapor spin rapidly!

  • Sophisticated design is reminiscent of the mythical Gjallarhorn horn.

  • Eyecatching design is a beautiful work of art.

  • This rig has a quartz banger to fully preserve the flavor of your concentrates.

  • Twin stacked chambers to smoothen your hits.

  • Intriguing shape makes this dab rig a must-have in any collection.

  • Dab rig's 14mm Male joint includes 14mm female Banger.

  • Colors of the logo may vary.



Watch water and vapor spin rapidly! Like all other products from Grav, this dab rig is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. It's impossible not to notice it's eye-catching design and it's a piece that will stand out in any collection. The design looks somewhat like the mythical Gjallarhorn horn associated with the god Heimdallr and the wise being Mímir. Using this dab ring will elevate you to a god-like state and you'll find yourself coming up with solutions to contemporary world problems. The intake hole is angled in a way that causes water and vapor to spin rapidly which results in the smoke exhibiting a cool twisting movement. This effect cools down the vapor and makes your hit smoother. The vapors are further smoothened by two twin stacked chambers and this results in a better smoking experience. The nail of the Gjallarhorn is made of high-quality quartz which has the advantage of not leaching contaminants in the smoke. As a result, you can fully enjoy the delicious flavor of your concentrates without tasting any foreign material. The sharp bend in the mouthpiece prevents backsplash and ensures water remains confined to the rig.

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