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The Bluejacket - 17” Bong Double Honeycomb Percolator to Dome Percolator Combination

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  • Double Honeycomb Percolator to Dome Percolator combination for cool, soothing smoke.

  • There is a strong, firm ice catcher blown into the neck.

  • Blown with 5mm thick, high-quality boro glass.

  • This pipe has a 5” base, a 2.5” water chamber, a 19mm female joint, and comes with a matching 19mm male dry herb bowl.



This bold, dark beauty of a pipe is only intimidating by look because the percolator combination that’s blown into this piece makes this a soothing and cool smoking experience. The perculator is a tough, no nonsense pipe blown with thick high-quality boro glass and a black trim that gives it a standout personality. The unique design and color scheme is complemented by a percolator combination that makes this pipe the powerful queen bee it is at heart.

This pipe comes with a Double Honeycomb Percolator near the base. The smoke will work its way from bottom of the pipe into the first Honeycomb Perc. The smoke will be cooled and broken up for easier inhalation, and then once again as it flows into the second of the two Honeycomb Percs. As if that wasn’t enough, the Perc will actually then work the smoke through a Dome Percolator to further take the sting out of the hot smoke. This immaculate smoking experience is all culminated with the ice catcher that’s blown into the neck. You can easily add ice cubes to this pipe to give you yet one last cooling process before taking in the smoke. This unique combination of percs and the ice catcher will makes this a smooth and enjoyable smoke. The perculator pipe comes with a 19mm female joint and a matching 19mm dry herb bowl.


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