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The All-Seeing Chameleon - 5 inch Swirled Color Changing Spoon

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  • 5-inch bowl with swirling design that changes colors as you smoke.

  • Bowl with intricate interchanging colors and chameleon glass design.

  • Handy piece with thick glass for convenience and a sturdiness.



Take a puff out of this piece and it’ll give you the ability to see things like never before, from every angle you can imagine. The All-Seeing Chameleon is an intricate 5 inch bowl blown with swirling blue, yellow, and white hues that all combine to evolve into new color schemes the more you smoke. This piece is adaptable and reliable, malleable for any environment. This bowl is works well for a solo smoke session or can be passed around for a big group session. The design comes with three glass trinkets near the bowl that make it easier to handle and smoke.

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