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Smoke Pyramid - 11" Stratus Glow In The Dark Silicone bong with 19mm down stem and 14mm bowl



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  • A smoke pyramid, produces and unleashes delicious hits for you at your command. 

  • The Silicone Bong combines the durability of rubber with the functionality of glass pipe.

  • Honeycomb designs all over this beauty and honey bees are nesting.

  • Center shower head is made of durable Glass.

  • 19mm silicone down stem that with 14mm male glass bowl.

  • Comes in different colors giving you a range of aesthetically pleasing bongs to choose from.



A bong with a pyramid base! We bet you don't see that everyday. The pyramid base upgrades the appearance of this bong and gives it a more sophisticated look. The Smoke Pyramid combines the durability of silicone with the functionality of glass pipe. There are hive-like patterns all over the silicone to beautify this bong. And there is also a cool honey bee design at the base. Someone gotta crash in the hive, right? At the centre of this bong is the famous showerhead perc. The perc is surrounded with glass, making it seem like an exhibition. It's a visually pleasing effect. The showerhead perc filters and cools your smoke for a better smoking experience. There is also the downstem which also filters your smoke. And the end product of all these filtration processes is extra cool and clean hits. The Smoke Pyramid comes in different colors giving you a range of aesthetically pleasing bongs to choose from. High-quality materials confer durability. Includes a 14mm glass male bowl. 


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  1. Fantastic!

    By Jayden May 20, 2020

    After my cat knocked my glass bong and broke it (again) I decided to try something less fragile. This one is fantastic! I love love love this piece. The hits are smooth and easy. And the fact that it comes apart makes it the easiest to clean ever. The glow in the dark effect works really well and appears like a glowing, floating bong. Very very happy.

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