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Skull Face - 12" Silicone Bong.

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  • Look into the eyes of the skull as you take in delicious hits. 

  • Reminiscent of the scarred commander 'Skull Face' in the popular video game Metal Gear. 

  • The skull is designed to detail with realistic eye sockets, nose and teeth.

  • Diffused downstem for a cleaner smoking experience.

  • Flat base confers stability and allows this bong to sit on any surface.

  • High-quality material confers durability. 

  • Includes a 14mm male bowl with 19mm downstem.



Look into the eyes of the skull as you take in delicious hits! Skull designs are a classic and you'll appreciate the beauty of this bong the moment you set your eyes on it. A lot of attention is paid to the skull design during production. The eye sockets, nose sockets and the teeth are designed to detail. You can't help but appreciate the intelligence put in the manufacture of this bong. The skull is multipurpose in function as it also serves as the water chamber. The skull has a friendly grin on its face and will keep you company as you enjoy your hits. Below the skull is a flat base for support. This allows the Skull Face to sit comfortably on any surface without toppling over. This bong has a 19mm downstem which diffuses and filters your smoke thereby providing you with clean hits. High-quality materials confers durability. Includes a 14mm male bowl.

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