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Simply Thick 10" Beaker Bottom Bong - 8mm Thick with American Color – American Green



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  • Fantastically simple yet high quality water pipe.

  • Beautiful high end beaker bottom with color matching features.

  • 10” tall.

  • Bulge in the middle for extra grip and nice aesthetics.

  • Ice Catcher Notches

  • The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm.

  • Includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted down stem.

  • It also includes a 14mm matching bowl.



Check out this American colored - ultra thick 8mm glass and super heavy bad boy water bong. The beaker bottom shape is a classic and feels great in the hand. The best feature of this piece is its ice catcher - even huge hits are less irritating on the lungs when the smoke is cooled by ice. The bell shaped designed and straight neck make this piece look exactly how a bong is supposed to look. A thick mouthpiece keeps your lips comfortable as you hit it. Gorgeous color matching lip, base, bowl and downstem make this item unique. At 10”, with a 5” wide chamber, this bong can create large hits if you want them. This Classical water bong can hold a lot of water due to width and will feel great in your hand due to its super thick glass. The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm and includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted downstem. It also includes a 14mm matching bowl. Any smoker would be proud to have this piece in their collection, get yours today.

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  1. Great

    By SmokeAndMotivate December 30, 2019

    Nice piece bigger than I thought Which is pretty dope always great buying from SM Day

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