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NECTAR COLLECTOR: Idab Nectar Collector Premium With a 14MM Titanium Nail

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  • Enjoy your concentrates on the go with this dab kit.

  • Fits all Nectar Collectors with 14MM joints.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Unique smoking item combining the features of many smoking items.

  • A fun and trendy way to enjoy your concentrates for your enjoyment and relaxation. 

  • Very portable and super convenient for packing and travel.

  • Components of this dab kit can be cleaned quickly and easily.



Smoke your concentrates anytime anywhere with this nectar collector! Smoking concentrates can’t get easier than this. For one, this nectar collector is extremely portable and easy to transport. Just put it in your pocket, purse or backpack and you'll enjoy your concentrate wherever you go. The titanium nail has a number of benefits. It heats efficiently and quickly. And the heat is retained extremely well making high temperature dabbing with your concentrates easy. Titaniums are also super strong and nearly indestructible. Overall, this nectar collector is a unique smoking item combining the features of many smoking items. You can easily use this nectar collector to dab straight out of your container. And this minimizes the wastage of your precious concentrates. High-quality borosilicate glass and titanium confers durability. A Nectar Collector is a new type of dabbing piece that features a straight tube design that works similar to drinking out of a straw. Nectar Collectors are made specifically for smoking waxes and oils. They are made up of a neck, body, and tip.


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