Funky Town Wig Wag - Sherlock Bubbler Discontinued Item



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  • Thick glass, 7 inch height, 3 inch width. 

  • Wig Wag design

  • Colorful French door handles

  • Flat mouthpiece with Wig Wag design

  • Cactus style Sherlock Bubbler 



This crazy looking pipe is so wild and has so many cool designs it will make your head spin! This super sick Sherlock pipe has French door handles that have a wicked inner twisted deign that must have taken forever to master! It has a flat mouth piece and super nice wig wag deign all over the pipe. This is one you want to get your hand on before its too late!

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  1. Great Quality and Design.

    By Allison August 08, 2017

    I may say, for what it's worth I definitely got what I paid for. This piece hits so smooth I can make all day with it. and let's just appreciate the design for a second.... it's swirly green and orange twist gives you something trippy to look at while you're burning. I do have ONE bad thing to say about this product which I wish I didn't have to because it's still perfect it my eyes. However, this bubbler doesn't have a stand so it's probably best you hold in between your legs while sitting or something similar because the only way to stand it is laying it down horizontally. Kinda disappointed considering that this holds water so laying it down would cause the water to drip out. Overall, this was an amazing buy and I don't regret it!

  2. STOKED!

    By STOKED July 25, 2017

    Seen this beauty on sale for only 69.99!!!!!!!!! had to buy it! cant wait to receive it! what nice work for a amazing deal!

  3. stunning

    By tweety May 09, 2017

    for those of us that cant drop $1500 on a piece this can be your wow factor prized piece its super nice.

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