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Duat - 8” Water Pipe - colorful and creative design.

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  • Standing water pipe with a colorful and creative design.

  • This bubbler is 8” tall, with a water chamber that is 2.5” wide.

  • Comes in a trippy shape and design, with deep jet black and bright orange accents and a shape that looks like a human or person with a head and arm sticking out.

  • This bubbler comes with a 19mm oil dome and nail, a 19mm female dry herb bowl, and has a 19mm male joint.



Egyptian god and controller of the underworld has risen and come to life in this unique looking bubbler to give you a powerful, water filtered smoke session. This is a badass piece to add to any pipe collection, it perfectly combines style and function. It has a very unique shape and for a bubbler it stands tall, but is very thin. It’s 8” tall, has a base that is 3.5” wide, and a water chamber that is 2.5”. This combination of dimensions makes it very convenient and sturdy for a water pipe. It easy to take this bad boy out and to enjoy a good, clean smoke session wherever you’d like.

The designers used a really cool color scheme, combining the clear glass with a deep jet black glass and bright orange accents. The mouthpiece is blown with black glass, and has a nice orange accent on the end. The designers also mirrored this look and added a tube inside the water chamber with the same black and orange scheme, giving this piece style and spirit. The base has mostly orange on it, and the glass blowers also added a nice orange trinket handle on the bowl that tops off this piece and gives it that devilish look that will keep any frightened souls away. This powerful bubbler is not made for the faint hearted!


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