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Crystal Jelly Bong - 3D Glow In The Dark Attractive Bong - Hot Pink

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  • Crystal Jelly inspired bong.

  • Bands of glowing material put across the length of the band

  • Green-blue glow in the dark looks like a crystal jelly in the ocean at night.

  • Flared mouthpiece makes it more comfortable to use.

  • Beaker shape allows this bong sit comfortably on different surfaces.

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

  • It also includes a 14mm matching bowl.

  • Includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted downstem.

  • 10” height.



Gorgeous jelly fish like glow in the dark bong will mesmerize you at night. Take a look at the picture in the dark. This water pipe looks majestic during the day. The pink color adds a touch of royalty and luxury to this bong. The glowing material placed across the bands of pink makes this bong look like a missing mythical treasure. This bong is truly gallery-worthy. However, this bong unleashes its hidden side at night. This water pipe glows bright green in the dark, resembling graceful crystal jellies on a dark night in the ocean. You might even mistake this bong for a cosmic object that fell from space at night. You'll find this glowing feature handy when you go camping or smoking in the dark. The beaker shape allows the Crystal Jelly to hold more smoke. More smoke means bigger rips and bigger rips means more high. The narrow neck prevents bong water from reaching your mouth. The mouth of the Crystal Jelly is flared, which means it's thicker than the rest of the body, making it more comfortable to use.

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