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Ironman Bolt - Dual Titanium Nail With Dab Plate 14mm and 18/19mm Male

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  • Looks like a bolt that came loose from Ironman's popular suit of armor.

  • Removable dab plat for easy cleaning and heat adjustment. 

  • Retains heat well and allows low temperature dabbing. 

  • Delivers smooth and tasty hits for your enjoyment.

  • Made of grade 2 titanium which is safe for dabbing. 

  • Compatible with 14mm and 18mm female joint sizes. 

  • Removable dab plate makes cleaning easy. 

  • Very durable and long-lasting.



Get a nail that will stand the test of time for your dabbing sesh. It's an open secret that titanium is a very durable material. This makes this nail very strong and virtually indestructible. Titanium also heats very quickly and retains heat quite well. If you dab regularly, then you need this nail more because titanium can easily withstand the constant heating and cooling of multiple dabbing sessions. Being able to retain heat well, you can take larger sized dabs with this nail. There's also even vaporization of concentrates, leaving no room for wastage. Also, you can achieve low temperature dabbing with this nail and preserve the flavor of your concentrates. This dab nail is made from grade 2 titanium which is the best that can be used for dab nails. It's safe, free from metal impurities and doesn't leach into your concentrates. This dab nail comes with a dab plate. The dab plate is removable and this makes cleaning easy.

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