Nectar Collectors

Over a 100 HQ nectar collector sets to chose from with fast and free shipping. We have glass and silicone Honey Dab straws that show up to your front door with click of a mouse. Please call us or email us if you have any questions Nectar collectors are a great substitute for dab rig because they are portable and discreet for on the go smoking. Best of all, you can use them with water to get a nice smooth puff of glorious clouds in your lungs. Dab straws are another great option for even more portability but with the sacrifice of not being able to hold water. However, many dabbers dont mind the water free version because it makes the dab straw very cheap, especially if you are using silicone. We have silicone honey straws at unbeatable prices with free gifts to boot. Of course we also carry Glass Nectar collector kits as well, if you want a more pure taste and overall better experience. These kits usually come with k-clips to hold the quartz dab nail in place. Some kits even come with both, a titanium dab nail and a quartz nail for the best of both worlds.