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Twin Horned Skull Bong - 10" Showerhead Rig - Tattoo Glass

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  • Mind-blowing designs featuring a skull, face, horns and a scorpion.
  • Amazing bong with worm coming out of the eye socket of the skull! 
  • Manufactured by the reputable Lookah Glass and belongs to their subsidiary called 'Tattoo Glass'.
  • A unique bong that will be the centerpiece of any collection.
  • Attention to detail paid during manufacture making designs realistic. 
  • Showerhead perc for a cleaner smoking experience. 
  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability. 
  • Flat base confers stability. Colors and Design may vary!
  • 14mm female joint with 14mm male bowl.

Grab this amazing bong by its horn as you take in delicious hits! You'll feel very badass. A single glance and you move closer to get a better look. This bong embodies everything Lookah wants to achieve with Tattoo glass. And that's producing bongs with the most unique designs and excellent functionality.  One of the most noticeable features is the face in the midsection of the bong. The face has realistic large eyes, nose, teeth and ears. Above the right eye is a cool creature that looks like a baby scorpion. Just below the face are two pointy real like horns! You will also see a skull near the base of this bong. The skull is designed with  different colors making it more visually interesting. The skull has a nose socket, large teeth and a bulging right eye. And the left eye socket has a small projection instead of an eye. It's a subtle effect but very aesthetically pleasing. And you'll see dotted designs at the back of the face. The design of this bong is complex and beautiful indicating the highest quality craftsmanship Lookah put in its production. This bong has the potential to be the centerpiece of any collection. The showerhead perc filters and cools your smoke, providing you with hits of the highest quality. High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability and the flat base confers stability.

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