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14" Giant Beast Double Honeycomb Circ Perc Bong - Blue

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  • Blue accent

  • Double Honeycomb

  • Circ Perc

  • Ice Catcher

  • Long neck 



This is high quality borosilicate glass water pipe will be in your collection for years to come. Its blue accent tip makes it stand out and look super sick. It features a double honeycomb perc which besides cooling smoke off, looks wicked sick when you smoke through them, as they create a storm of tiny bubbles. Since this has two, that means twice as many bubbles! From there you will find a perfectly symmetrical circ perc which has several slots going around the circumference of the perc. To top it all off it even has an ice catcher which catches the ice to cool it down even farther for a wonderful smoking experience. Pipe comes with a blue dry herb bowl, 4" base diameter, 2" diameter water chamber. Water pipe's 19 mm female joint comes with 19 mm matching male dry herb bowl.

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