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Baseball Bat Glass Hand Pipe 4" Smoker's Heaven Pipe

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  • Inspired by Negan's bat in the Walking Dead. 

  • Has an artistic feel and will make an excellent addition to any collection. 

  • Has a sizeable bowl that holds a generous amount of stash. 

  • Has two small 'legs' for stability and to prevent the pipe from rolling off a surface. 

  • Blown and thick mouthpiece creates a perfect seal with your mouth. 

  • High-quality and extra thick borosilicate glass confers durability. This is a long lasting hand pipe. 



Aesthetics and functionality are the two things we all look out for when getting a smoking pipe. And this handpipe embodies the best of both. The baseball bat design of this pipe is simply mind-blowing. This handpipe gives off cool vibes and easily catches the attention of onlookers. Just imagine what a massive addition this pipe will make to your collection. You'll be blown away by the amount of compliments you'll receive from friends and family after adding this iconic pipe to your collection. This pipe isn't just about aesthetics; its functionality is superb and you'll enjoy quality hits with this pipe. The bowl is fairly large and can hold a generous amount of stash. You are also treated to an exhibition when using the pipe as you get to watch the smoke travel to the mouthpiece, thanks to the transparent glass. Two small legs confers stability and thick borosilicate glass confers durability.

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